My vacation on the French Riviera (Part 1):The Nice Airport Transfer By Mrs Smith

Nice airport transfer

Tony's Airport transfer VAN

All Begins in the Arrival Airports hall in Nice ,france. Just the Name makes me dream…Nice airport Côte d’Azur. Ahh The French Riviera,With it Unique Weather and this provence smell that we feel just when we land. So, All start in this hall , Tony was there, just let’s call it « Tony ». Tony have been waiting for me without any Bunch of roses,or diamonds ring ( Laughs) but with a beautiful sign drawed on my sweet name « Mrs Smith ». Tony, was actually my driver .in brief, when I say My driver, I mean the Transfer Driver that I booked 2 days earlier by internet on website. And then sent Tony… in fact, he didn’t looks like at all to the traditionals drivers that I was expecting .For example, all on him smells holidays, holidays at Nice, relaxing deserved time in the sun ; for example he was there, sunglasses,Hanger shirt and a respectable tight short. He took my 2 laugages , you got it , one for my clothes and the other one for my shoes..

On the road to the hotel, I take time to discover this subliminal « Promenade des Anglais », the one that I dreamed about all nights long, this beach with unique colours, more beautiful than the catalogue pictures and finally The « farniente » waiting for me on this stay that already start very well…

So what? The rest of the road, still this promenade, still this dream getting real. I start the discussion with Tony. Tony is absolutly sure that he is taking me to paradise , my paradise ten days, Tony is someone really nice . Afraid to making me nervous , he didn’t press a lot the accelerator and stopped (did in purpose ) at all the red lights down there. Then, I started to talk to him. , usually I don’t start it , but Tony had already answers to all and really enjoyed to share his knowledge about the area , our good plans , so proud of his beautiful and so generous region.

Arrived to the hotel, Tony put my valuables bags destiny between the Porter hands. So Fast, reception, a quick shower,little more time to get dressed and more time to choose my shoes ( if a had one with a red soles ,I would put it all time ). Finally ready, I went down crawling stairs as as I can . I’m not at the golden age ,but sometimes you need to pretend to or at least try , obviously the nature give it us back .

Ah I feel good… I was an errant ,found myself lost in an unknown place. Some steps later, always following the happiness footprints ,I stop in front of a typical french brasserie, » Brasserie Idèale » . I take a seat at the terrace, I order a glass of rosé wine « pétale de rose », I deployed my arms, I breathe: Nice, I’m Yours…

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